PokeDoku - Like Immaculate Grid but with a Pokemon theme. You have to choose the correct character to solve this 3x3 grid in 9 guesses. Play now!

About Pokedoku

Pokedoku is an exciting and innovative game that combines the challenge of wordle with the charm of the Pokemon universe. Also known as "Pokemon Wordle" or "Pokemon Grid", Pokedoku presents players with a unique and engaging puzzle experience.

Who Created the Pokedoku?

Pokedoku was brought to life by two dedicated Pokemon enthusiasts, Ryan and Joe. Their shared passion for the world of Pokemon and the inspiration drawn from Immaculate Grid - a new popular grid game to the creation of this Pokemon game. As avid fans of both sports and Pokemon, they embarked on this project to bring something unique to the gaming community.


When Was This Game Created?

Pokedoku came into existence when the idea struck the minds of Ryan and Joe. It all began with a desire to see a Pokemon version of the engaging sports sudoku puzzles that were taking the internet by storm. The concept quickly turned into a coding and web design project, resulting in the birth of Pokedoku. While the specific launch date isn't mentioned in the articles, Pokemon Grid has undoubtedly become a beloved daily challenge for Pokemon enthusiasts.


The core objective of Pokedoku is to fill a 3x3 grid with the correct Pokemon characters. This is different from Wordle, but if you enjoy Immaculate Grid, you're likely to find Pokedoku is similar. The game provides a new grid every day, offering players nine attempts to correctly guess all the spots in the puzzle.

How to Play Pokedoku

Pokedoku Rules

  • Your goal in Pokedoku is to fill all nine boxes with the correct Pokemon characters.
  • You have only nine guesses at your disposal, so choose your selections wisely as there's no room for error.
  • Multiple correct answers are possible. For example, if a box falls between the Fire and Fighting types, you can input Blaziken, Infernape, or any Pokemon that fits both types.
  • Once a Pokemon is used, it cannot be used again in the same puzzle, and there's no changing your answer after submission.

Tips to solve Pokemon Grid Game

  • The first two columns and three rows will always be dedicated to Pokemon types.
  • The third column introduces a special category, which can encompass different regions, legendary Pokemon, and more.
  • When a specific region is a category, you must select a Pokemon that originates from that region.
  • Legendary, Mythical, and Ultra Beast Pokemon are grouped under a special column.

FAQ about Pokedoku

What is Pokedoku?

Pokedoku is a daily Pokemon-themed puzzle game that tests your knowledge of the Pokemon world. The goal is to select a Pokemon for each cell in a grid based on specific criteria for rows and columns.

How to Play Pokedoku?

You have only nine guesses to fill the grid correctly. Be strategic, as there are no second chances. Multiple correct answers are possible, but each Pokemon can only be used once per puzzle.

What Is the Category of the Pokedoku Game?

Pokedoku falls under the Pokemon grid category and is suitable for players of all ages. If you enjoy games like wordle, Pokedoku's unique twist on the concept has gained popularity quickly in the Pokemon community.

In conclusion, Pokedoku is a captivating daily puzzle game created by passionate Pokemon fans. With simple yet challenging rules and an evolving gameplay experience, it's a delightful addition to the world of Pokemon gaming. Whether you're a seasoned Pokemon trainer or a newcomer, Pokedoku offers a fun and rewarding experience, putting your knowledge to the test in the world of Pokemon.

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