Pokemon LeafGreen

Pokémon LeafGreen is a nostalgic remake of the beloved Pokémon Green, bringing back the captivating adventure of Kanto with enhanced visuals and gameplay mechanics.

About Pokemon LeafGreen

A Nostalgia-Filled Journey


Embark on a journey back in time as you revisit the beloved Kanto region in Pokemon LeafGreen. This remake of the original Pokemon Blue, released on the Game Boy in 1999, brings back the nostalgic charm of the classic game while introducing enhancements that make it even more captivating.

Revisit the Iconic Kanto Region

Venture through the familiar landscapes of Kanto, including the bustling cities of Pallet Town, Viridian City, and Saffron City, as well as the serene routes and challenging caves that lie between them. Reacquaint yourself with the iconic characters that populate this region, from the kindhearted Professor Oak to the mischievous Team Rocket.

Explore New Islands and Discover Hidden Treasures

In addition to the familiar Kanto region, Pokemon LeafGreen unveils nine brand-new islands, each teeming with unique Pokemon and hidden treasures. Journey to these uncharted territories and uncover the secrets that lie within their lush forests, towering mountains, and crystal-clear waters.

Collect a Diverse 200 Pokemon

As you explore the world of Pokemon LeafGreen, you'll encounter a wide array of Pokemon to capture and train. With over 200 Pokemon to discover, you'll have plenty of opportunities to build a powerful and diverse team.

Experience Enhanced Gameplay and Graphics

Pokemon LeafGreen boasts enhanced graphics and gameplay mechanics compared to its predecessor. Enjoy smoother animations, a more intuitive interface, and a deeper level of challenge as you progress through the game.

Embark on a Nostalgic Adventure with Pokemon LeafGreen

Relive the magic of the original Pokemon games while enjoying modern enhancements in Pokemon LeafGreen. This faithful remake of Pokemon Blue will transport you back to the beginning of the Pokemon saga, and the new islands and features will keep you engaged for hours on end.

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